English speakers!


Ok. If you missed the button for Dominican Heat (Fogoncito’s English Edition) here it is (Just click)
El Fogoncito

I am always able and available to answer any questions. I will translate recipes and post in the order you request it, so let me know and I can add it to the queue.

You can also check my recipes with nutritional facts in Cook, Eat, Share. (The link is below)

Now take care of yourself and enjoy!

Arthur (Arturo)


14 respuestas a English speakers!

  1. Sariel Esteban Mauricio Cordero dijo:

    Hey Teacher!! That`s a graet website…it`s very interesting.I like it and an important things that you are making ,is show us about the diferent kind of diches there are in another countrys and to strangers about our diches..it`s a nice place in the internet……

  2. Hi Sariel,

    Thanks for your kind words! I take a lot of pleasure in keeping the site updated and publishing my recipes. Don’t forget to subscribe and I hope you enjoy and use some of my recipes!


  3. Dan dijo:

    Hi Arturo

    Your site looks great – the food in the photos look very tasty.


  4. hipolito dijo:

    hello, teacher, I´m Hipolito.
    this website it´s so good, but I have a problem, I was checking your blog and now I´m hungry

  5. Vicky Wine dijo:

    Qué bueno esta tu website, los felicito!!!, espero que se ganen su buena nota a las dos, es bien novedoso y creativo. Saludos Vicky Wine

  6. Lisandry Santiago dijo:

    Hi Teacher!!
    Now I know your secret!!. Your food is so good because you cook them in “Fogon” rather than a Stove!!…ja.ja.ja.

  7. babso2you dijo:

    Neccesito pratico mi espanol. Yo no recuerdo mucho, pero su blog es una way that I can test myself….Muchas gracias para su vistacion a mi blog. Am I saying this right? I have not read spanish in a while, and I do not understand everything, I remember some and maybe reading your blog will trigger memories of the langua! Thanks!

  8. Malli dijo:

    Your food looks absolutely delicious and so very temtping!! Fabulous photos

  9. a dijo:

    ola, I am just wondering if you can point me in the right direction to a recipe to make the Beans in the Rice and Beans recipe. I look so much on the internet and can’t find them anywhere that quite resemble the ones that you have on your site. (the dominican flag) I ate rice, beans and a fish one day for lunch at a small shop outside of my resort in Punta Cana and have craved it ever since!

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