Since «Las recetas de Mamá Pura» was published last year, I had promised to make it available in English. Many projects prevented me from doing it sooner but a promise is a promise and finally here it is.

As you know, «Las recetas de Mamá Pura» is the first of a collection of Traditional Dominican recipes, so you may expect in the future to see the continuation of the book collection, with «Las recetas de Mamá Antonia» (Volume II of the series) and «Las recetas de Mamá Anadina» (Volume III and final of the regular series)

Mamá Pura’s recipes is available for Kindle and Digital format from Amazon. You may click below to check it out. The book is available in three editions: Kindle digital edition, printed black and white economic edition and full color edition.

 “Mamá Pura's Recipes”

You may get the printed editions also from Createspace with code EAVJC4GC for a 10% discount.

Full color edition

 “Mamá Pura's Recipes”

Black and white Economy Edition

 “Mamá Pura's Recipes”

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